Setting Up

Installing & Accessing Linkedofy

Follow our walk-through to install Linkedofy Extension and Access the Linkedofy Dashboard.

Sending Invites

Sending Invites – General Search Page

Sending invites using the General Linkedin Search Page

Sending Invites – Sales Navigator

Sending connections invites using Sales Navigator

Broadcast – General Search Page & Sales Navigator

Broadcast – Setting up Saved List and Sequences on Linkedofy Dashboard

Create Saved Lists, Templates and Sequences for Broadcast Campaigns.

Broadcast – Using General Linkedin Search Page

Broadcast to connections on Linkedin Search Page – Using Saved List or directly from Search Page.

Broadcast – Using Sales Navigator Search Page

Broadcast from Sales Navigator – Using Saved List or directly from Sales Navigator Search Page.

Withdraw Invites, Auto Visit and Auto Endorse

Withdraw Pending Invites to keep Acceptance High

Withdraw Invites to keep pending invitations low, keep your acceptance count higher and send more invites to your target audience.

Auto Visit and Follow profiles to broaden your outreach

Automatically visit and follow targeted profiles to increase awareness of your products and services.

Increase your attention quotient by Auto Endorse

Auto Endorse your contacts to get attention and endorsed in return. This widens your reach auto-magically.

Linkedofy CRM and HighLevel Integration

Linkedofy CRM

Review Linkedofy CRM – Email, Phone and other details for Linkedin Connections.

Linkedofy & GoHighLevel Integration

Direct Integration with High Level allows you to push contacts from Linkedofy directly into HighLevel.